Feature Booths

ZONE 1 - Devotion of Hong Kong

Cinema Hall

Hong Kong film industry faced its golden age from the 1970s to 1990s. Different types of movies have mushroomed while distinctive cinemas have proliferated in every district of Hong Kong. These enabled Hongkongers can enjoy a good show after work. Cinema Hall strives to restore characteristics during the years. It includes black-yellow ticketing, a weighing scale located at the entrance and film posters from box-office winners making you feel you are right at old cinemas in the 1970s.

Old Days Tram

Hong Kong Tram, alias “Ding Ding”, has been a special transport in Hong Kong Island for a century. Not only was Hong Kong Tram embedded in Hongkongers, but also became an internationally renowned local classic. We hurriedly get on and off the tram everyday. It is hard to have a specific scene shooting. This photo booth makes reference to the fourth-generation tram design with the classic terminal of “Western Market” so that we can posture whatever we like to take good photographs of the tram scene.

Dai Pai Dong

Since Hong Kong is the gourmets’ paradise, authentic Dai Pai Dong must be in our collective memory. It is a small-scale itinerant cooked food stall. As requested by the government, licenses must be located in conspicuous places. Therefore, it was recognised as “Dai Pai Dong” or “Da Pai Dang”. Lan Hua Yuan combines features of many famous Dai Pai Dong integrated with all popular and authentic cuisine in Hong Kong to provide a retro and warm feeling.

City of Neon Lights

After nightfall, neon light signs sparkle in streets and bring themselves together contributing to Hong Kong’s famous night view and enjoying the “Pearl of the Orient” in the world. Neon lights install on major external walls of buildings which make signs visible at night. This photo booth restores neon lights in the 1970s of the last century. You can stand on the balcony of an old house to treasure the mixture of colorful neon lights in the surroundings.

ZONE 2 - Collective Memories

Ice-cream Motorcycles

The British Hong Kong Government introduced licenses of itinerant hawkers from the 1950s to 1960s. As a result, ice-cream motorcycles arised. Its one side is a modified motorcycle while the other side is a metal box filled up with ice-cream. Parked at crowded places such as roads, schools and park entrances, ice-cream motorcycles were appealing to Hongkongers. Walk through bustling streets and parked under a bridge, the old ice-cream motorcycle brings you back to the happiness from the past with its former makeup.

Chinese Martial Club

There is a Romantic Greenhouse beside the Secret Garden which treasures all kinds of plants and flowers while there are two seats with a table for a rest. Time stops at the most aesthetic moment. We hope that everyone can enjoy the romance of the fairy kingdom.

Herbal Tea Shop

Herbal Tea is a Chinese medicinal drink in the Lingnan region of China and has more than one century of history in Hong Kong. Herbal tea shops render different formulas of herbal teas for customers. Consequantly, the public prioritized the Chinese herbal teas for common illnesses. This Chinese herbal tea shop is called “Kang Fu Tang” which combines characteristics of many iconic herbal tea shops. These include a Chinese medicine cabinet and a herbal teapot in golden gourd shape. We can find the former Hong Kong herbal tea shop there.

Barber Shop

From the 1950s to the 1980s, many Shanghai barbers immigrated to Hong Kong, making Shanghai-style barbershops popular in Hong Kong. Since the Shanghai barber shop has a wide range of services, including washing, cutting and blowing, shaving and beauty, the price is relatively high, and the attentive service still attracts many people to patronize. This barber shop refers to many old-fashioned Shanghai barber shops. From the barber equipment to the star posters on the wall, they are all reproduced one by one, as if they came out of memory.

ZONE 3 - Light & Illusion

Outdoor Camping

Plane lands on a campsite in the countryside at night. The local guide prepares a tent with camping amenities for you. On a starry night, you can have talks of everyday life with friends in the tent. 

Light Forest

A fog shrouds the forest beyond the campsite. There is only light and shadow in the fog. We play hide and seek in the mist forest and games with different silhouettes of animals. Let us take a picture of this mysterious and fantasy moment.

Thousands of Worlds

Walk through the forest of heavy mist, you will arrive in the region of kaleidoscope. Everyone refracts the infinite doppelganger with the same actions whenever you come in. Let us leave another spirit with your close ones in the Thousands of Worlds.

Gaming Maze

You cross one of the mirrors and surprisingly fall into the Gaming Maze. It is a game of maze built by neon light tubes on walls. As a winner, let us take pictures together!

Dizzling Rain

When you come out of the maze, there is drizzling rain in golden-yellow wheat fields. Those raindrops are made by lights and you will never feel awkward. As we enjoy the drizzling rain, do not forget to press the shutter release button for the warm and sweet moment.

ZONE 4 - Play & Fun

Fantastic Journey

It is too far away to visit the fairy kingdom. Therefore, the king prepared the hottest transportation – a hot air balloon for his noble guests. Let us remember to bring all luggage to visit a dreamy and colorful kingdom with our friends and families.

Enormous Claw Machine

The hot air balloon gently lands. First, you will arrive in the colorful toy town. Suddenly, you drop into the dolls. The closest doll tells you that it is an Enormous Claw Machine. If you want to visit other regions, there must be a claw. Simultaneously, the upper claw is ready and seems like it is waiting for your decision…

Candy Lullaby

The Enormous Claw brings you outside. Following with a sweet scent, you visit the candy village. With the sweetie marshmallow-like hill, colorful giant lollipop with marshmallow and sugar donuts, it is a dream Candy Lullaby for children. Let us take photos with our cameras!

Good Night Sleep Tight

The moon waited for you so long when you came out of Candy Lullaby. She noticed that the king prepared the best house for relaxation. Everyone, please sit tight and ready to go through the clouds and visit the European Castle!

ZONE 5 - European Style

Welcome Home

You land on a large lawn and find out there is a European House exclusively prepared by the king. The front courtyard was under specific care. Elegant plant pots and dense trees set each other off nicely. With the metal gate opening, welcome home!

Corner of Living Room

Before visiting the living room, you must come to the anteroom first. At the corner, there is a tier of European windows to allow sunshine to come in and shine at every corner. Servants will refresh with flowers in order to create an open and comfortable atmosphere for our visits.

Elegant Study Room

Every mansion master must enjoy a study room for entertainment. The Elegant Study Room has a European single-person sofa with several old books from bookshelves nearby. With a flame from a warm fireplace, you can silently read a book at your own place and admire ancient arts to enjoy yourself.

Secret Garden

As the best house of the fairy kingdom, a Secret Garden is a must. Walls and fences are fully associated with vines while a fountain is located at the center of the Secret Garden to make it artistic. Let us come to the green garden and enjoy a moment with a touch of nature.

Romantic Greenhouse

There is a Romantic Greenhouse beside the Secret Garden which treasures all kinds of plants and flowers while there are two seats with a table for a rest. Time stops at the most aesthetic moment. We hope that everyone can enjoy the romance of the fairy kingdom.